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project censored

Censored-SnipYou know, I generally (but not always) fall to the left on most social and political issues, but frankly, sometimes that makes me pretty embarrassed about the company that would imply I keep. Case in point: Project Censored, which claims to compile the stories the mainstream media censors.

Let’s leave aside the fact that they don’t supply any actual evidence of censorship, and every single item they list is a beloved leftie cause — I’m sure these people have read their Chomsky, and thus have the magical insight that allows them to detect how “structural forces” are causing censorship before there’s any need to actually, you know, censor. And, of course, only left-wing issues ever need to be censored. Duh. But are all of these stories even underreported? The number one “censored” story is about the US battle over network neutrality. It took me roughly twelve seconds to find 22 mentions in the New York Times alone, and Google lists over 2 million occurrences of the phrase “network neutrality”. Clearly the censors (sorry, I mean “structures”) have not been doing a very good job.

At #18 we have “Physicist Challenges Official 9-11 Story”, about the massively overreported, widely debunked, BYU conspiracy theorist Steven E Jones. The real underreported story? “Every Other Physicist on Planet Thinks Steven E Jones is a Nut.” #24 tells us the explosive truth about Dick Cheney — he has connections to Halliburton and (get this) stands to profit from them. If only the mainstream (sorry, I mean “corporate”) media had ever made any mention of this whatsoever!

Okay, okay, now I’m just getting sarcastic. I think some of the other stories may really be underreported, though not because of censorship. But really, as an actual thinking person, why should I trust an organization with the same commitment to fairness and balance as Fox News? Just because I happen to sometimes agree with them?