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snark attack

The last week or so has been pretty aggravating and stressful — I’m working on a project which I can’t yet talk about, but it involves a lot of ActionScript coding on a tight deadline. I’m sure there are worse languages to implement math-heavy algorithms in than ActionScript, with its see-no-evil approach to syntax checking and hair-pullingly slow arithmetic, but thankfully, I’ve never had to use them.

Still, as aggravating as it has been, I’m grateful I’m not a film critic, because then I would have to see The Last Kiss. I can’t imagine a cinematic experience more tooth-grindingly odious than Zach Braff speaking the words of Paul Haggis. Unless it somehow included Julia Roberts.

Leave it to the The AV Club to make (sour) lemonaid by using this as an excuse to launch a week-long snarkathon featuring the calculated earnestness of Zach Braff. Oh sure, we all hated Garden State. But the AV Club turns that into an art.