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time travel geekery

Stumbled on this awesome diagram of the history of time travel in the movies. I just wish they had used a logarithmic scale for travel so that everything before 1850 didn’t get lumped together. They also left out my very favourite time travel movie, Primer, but that’s okay, somebody else made a diagram of the convoluted timeline.

The Air Loom

The Air Loom

From Illustrations of Madness: Exhibiting a Singular Case of Insanity, And a No Less Remarkable Difference in Medical Opinions: Developing the Nature of An Assailment, And the Manner of Working Events; with a Description of Tortures Experienced by Bomb-Bursting, Lobster-Cracking and Lengthening the Brain. Embellished with a Curious Plate (1810) by John Halsam.