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wrapping up

Bay of Plenty Beach, originally uploaded by Mister Wind-Up Bird.

Janelle took this awesome photo today, our last holidayish day in NZ. Tomorrow we head to Auckland airport, then back to Aus for a few days before finally heading home. Home!

Kayaking in Abel Tasman

bacon maple chocolate chip cookies

bacon chocolate chip cookies, originally uploaded by meggomyeggo.

My former roommate Florence visited my old house for a few days on the way back to France from SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles. While we were waiting for her, other-former-roommate Meghan and I passed the time by making a batch of Bacon Maple Chocolate Chip Cookies, as recipe’d on neverbashfulwithbutter (which sounds to me like a Ujhāni Last Tango reference, but probably isn’t). Could they possibly be as awesome as their name makes them sound?

The answer… is “yes.” Or, more accurately: “sweet baby Jesus and the heavenly hosts of cherubim and seraphim, yes“. The chocolate is sweet and the bacon bits are chewy and savoury, but the secret is the maple glaze, which is a kind of magical flavour kingdom where the bacon and chocolate can come together to make something even more delicious than you had dared dream.

That said, I wouldn’t eat a lot of them and I wouldn’t eat them often. There’s only so much sweet’n’savoury you can handle, and these are very sweet and very savoury. But I was really happy with how they turned out and would make them again should I ever find myself 20 lbs lighter than I am now. Or, alternately, if I decide to just give up and let myself go. Either way.

self-portraits, as halloween

Img 0254-1

Glorious Pics of NZ

New-Zealand-SheepAh, Flickr, you never let me down.

And New Zealand, with a build-up like that, you’d damn well better not disappoint.