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thesis status = begun

So I’ve officially started writing my PhD thesis. I’ve downloaded the latex template and written an outline and everything.

My typical thesis-writing day goes like this:

9 AM Bike to the lab.
10 AM Procrastinate.
11 AM Procrastinate.
12 PM Stress out about procrastinating. Man, that was a long bike ride into school. I’ll be able to work better when I’m not so hungry.
1 PM Lunch.
2 PM Procrastinate.
3 PM Procrastinate.
4 PM Stress out about procrastinating.
5 PM Really stress out about procrastinating.
6 PM Really, querulously really stress out about procrastinating.
7 PM Jesus, I have to go home soon, and I’ve done nothing all day! Why am I so lazy and stupid!? Aaargh! At this rate, I’ll never graduate! Time to really buckle down, no matter how long it’s going to take!
7:10 PM Cut and paste two pages from a paper written two years ago. It’s going to have to go in, anyway. The notation doesn’t match, but I can fix that later. Maybe I should make a file to put all my macros in? It’ll make it easier to keep everything consistent.
7:20 PM Recompile thesis file. Hey, with the title page and table of contents and table of figures and chapter headings and bibliography, it’s already 8 pages!
7:30 PM Well, no point forcing myself to stay all night, that’s just masochistic, and a masochist I am not. And anyway, I’m hungry. Head home.
8 PM Eat dinner. Watch about 6 episodes of Peep Show. I’ve earned it.
12 AM Oh, God, I was at school all day and got nothing done! Nothing! I’ll never graduate! Tomorrow, no excuses, I am going to work.