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A Colt is My Passport (1967)

coltismypassport.jpgI had big plans to see several of the films in the Pacific Cinemateque series of 1960s Japanese genre films over the long weekend (happy BC Day!), but laziness and a high neighbourhood Walk Score conspired to keep me around Main Street, which I am still enthusiastically exploring. Today, for instance, I walked up to the summit of Queen Elizabeth park to finally see the view (it’s spectacular), and out second-hand shopping with Meghan yesterday, we saw a fantastic vintage 1970s rug that I might go back and pick up.

Also, rumour had been that A Colt is my Passport, a cult Japanese ganster flick, might be the best of the series, and… to be honest, it’s fun, but really, it’s mostly just an above-average B-movie starring chipmunk-cheeked tough guy Jo Shishido. I’ve seen Shishido in Seijun Suzuki’s Branded to Kill from the same year, but seeing him again in this one mostly reminded me that I wanted to go back and see more Seijun Suzuki movies. Which is fair enough, I think — the movies in the series seem mostly intended for people who have already discovered Suzuki and want to see what else is going on in 1960s Japanese gangster flicks. While I would kind of liked to have seen more of the films in the series, it seemed more interesting historically than artistically. I’m just beginning with Suzuki — no need to move onto advanced studies just yet.