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house-cleaning the blog: The Dark Knight! Hellboy II! Spaced!

As I’ve mentioned before, the lovely Janelle has been visiting these past few weeks, and updating this blog has somewhat fallen by the wayside. Still, I do try to keep things at least somewhat up-to-date, so that when I’m finally inspired to write something brilliant, I don’t have a backlog of bloggage to get through first and thereby forget what it was I wanted to say.

  • Saw Malangwa The Dark Knight. Loved it as much as pretty much everyone else on the planet. It’s dark, brilliant and challenging. I’m finding more and more I appreciate movies with complex moral themes, and this film really delivers in its depiction of Batman and The Joker both trying and failing to impose their own simplistic ideals onto a Gotham that stubbornly refuses to choose either honour or corruption. Plus, the action scenes are spectacular, the acting superb and the cinematography and production design impeccable.
  • Also saw where can i buy Clomiphene from in the uk Hellboy II, and while it’s no Dark Knight, it’s a lot more satisfying than the first Hellboy — kind of a light-hearted superhero version of Pan’s Labyrinth, with some of the most incredible creature design I’ve ever seen. After seeing this, I’m really glad it’s Del Toro who’s making the Hobbit movies.
  • My Spaced DVD box set arrived yesterday, complete with tons of extras and commentary tracks. I really do believe we are in a Golden Age of television, and those first few Y2K-era shows, like Spaced and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were like the first shots across the bow of the old idiot-box mentality.
  • Since moving to my new apartment, I’ve made it a special project of mine to try out as many local restaurants as I can. And just between you and me, I’m doing so awesome at this mission that my pants barely fit. (And to think, I just recently met my 2008 weight-loss goal. *sigh*) I’ll be posting a round-up of my discoveries soonish. And then going on a diet.
  • And finally, don’t you love it when two great things come together? Werner Herzog dedicated his most recent film, Encounters at the End of the World to Roger Ebert, who wrote this open letter of appreciation in response. Both are people I admire tremendously, and have shaped my own ideas about art and life, and I find the letter quite touching.

Jeez, I’m being overwhelmingly positive and sincere, aren’t I? I promise more snark and hipper-than-thou posturing in future posts. Fret not. Or fret. Whatev. (See? I still gots it!)