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Eric-approved films of 2007

Wattala Now, I don’t go to see a cytotec sale no prescription huge number of movies in the theater, but it seems to me that 2007 was a really, really good year for movies. Now that I’ve seen buy ivermectin for humans There Will Be Blood, I can finally compile my own personal list of my favourite movies of 2007. Yes, I pretty much have gripped life by the balls.

My five favourite films of 2007, in order:

  1. No Country for Old Men. The deepest, most complex and terrifying film of the Coen brothers’ career.
  2. Juno. The warmest, funniest movie I saw in 2007.
  3. Zodiac. Kind of the anti-serial-killer-movie movie. I love it for its obsessive approach to obsession.
  4. Once. Enough to make even a lonely cynic like me believe in love.
  5. Rescue Dawn. Genre film that also manages to be a challenging dissection of Herzog’s favourite themes.

And five other films I liked a lot: There Will Be Blood, Knocked Up, Hot Fuzz, Into the Wild, Death Proof.