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Caribou in Concert

Ejura Caribou at Richard’s, originally uploaded by Mister Wind-Up Bird.

I’ve been a fan of Caribou for a while, and his/their new album Suwon-si Andorra is one of my two or three favourites of 2007, so I was pretty excited to see Caribou at Richard’s last night (and pretty upset when I thought I lost a ticket, but it turns out it was okay — I’m an idiot and forgot Hendrik had his own). The vintage-and-Converse set was out in force, and Dan Snaith and his band, featuring two drummers, a penny whistle, various guitars and a laptop did not disappoint. As probably befits a guy with a PhD in mathematics, Caribou is much more about delivering a seamless experience of interlocking songs than rock star posing. The show was the band in front of a white sheet, with simple geometric shapes projected on the stage and audience, while they played punched-up live versions of almost all of Andorra, seamlessly integrated with highlights of previous albums, going back to Snaith’s Manitoba years (some of which seem like they might have been Andorra-ized to fit in better with that album’s pop-psychedelica sound, or maybe they always sounded like that, portending the new album). Great show.

My roommate (and fellow Caribou fan) Meghan apparently thought so, too (it’s subtle, but you can read between the lines).

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