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Joss Whedon interview

Woah, I totally missed this while I was at SIGGRAPH. A huge, awesome interview with Joss Whedon on The AV Club, talking about Wonder Woman, Goners, The Office, life, art and the universe.

At the risk of sounding like the fan-boy I am, there are few people in this world I admire as much as this man. Not only is he responsible for Firefly, Buffy and Angel, three of the very best series to ever appear on TV (and Serenity, one of the best Science Fiction films EVAHR), but in interviews and commentaries he always comes across as funny, gracious and extremely smart. Just a class act all around.

I’ve contemplated getting a “WWJWD” tattoo, but that might just be taking it too far. I’ll settle for one day naming my children after Joss Whedon characters.