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David Cross vs Pitchfork

Davidcross SnipOne good thing about my my insomnia of the past few days — it’s left me cranky enough to really enjoy David Cross’s two albums of angry, angry hipster stand-up, Shut Up You Fucking Baby! and It’s Not Funny. Not that I don’t usually enjoy his attacks on George Bush, Evanescence and electric scissors, but I get a little something extra out of listening to his albums with an appropriately pissed-off view of the world.

Anyway, while I was digging around for info on the albums, I discovered a column Cross wrote for a couple of years back. In what I can only imagine was a classic case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing, Pitchfork’s “critics” dismissed his albums with their patented blend of vapid pseudointellectual condescension and word salad, calling him “a giant fucking asshole” for good measure. And then the editorial staff invited him to write a top-ten list. Which he did. Using “highlights” from Pitchfork’s own hipper-than-thou reviews.

If only more people would take the time to give Pitchfork a good old-fashioned Lee Marvinesque crotch-punching. In print or in real life, I’m okay either way.