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Parade of Lost Souls

After a one-year hiatus, the Parade of Lost Souls is back, and seems to be bigger than ever. This year, they even blocked off part of Commercial Drive for the event, which features incredibly elaborate pagan– and deaththemed costumes, as well as more conventional costumes — the mad scientist! the undead viking! girl-Elvis! the Prince of All Cosmos! newlydeads! Borat! terrorpuppies! inexplicable demon-things!

While there wasn’t nearly as much house-decorating along the parade route as previous years, there were some delightfully morbid displays. And of course, fire, fire, fire.

My own camera battery died after about 5 pictures, but that’s okay: it’s more fun to participate than document. And I stumbled onto this pretty cool video from a couple of years back, which does a better job of capturing the spirit than my grainy digicam shots can.