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adventures across the Pacific

Dick Rock SnipThese last few weeks have been pretty stressful, but what’s kept me going is thinking about taking a trip to Asia this winter. And today, as my Vancouver Art Gallery project “soft-launches” and I limit myself to two hats — PhD student and start-up-iste — I bought my ticket.

The plan is to leave Vancouver on December 16, meet up with my friend Janelle in Bangkok, travel around Thailand and Vietnam for a bit, and then stop off for a few days in Osaka on my way back to catch up with fellow Saskatchewan expats Tyler and Carla and possibly Meghan, returning to Vancouver on January 14, at which point, I’ll immediately be throwing myself into completing a paper for ICML, and then trying to complete my PhD proposal (tentatively titled Random Things I Have Researched, Hastily Wedged into a Common Framework) not so ridiculously late that people start wondering if I should be be given the boot.

How’s that for a plan? Thought you’d like it.