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so long, Richard’s on Richards

Richard’s on Richards, originally uploaded by Mister Wind-Up Bird.

I’m currently on Salt Spring Island attempting to eat my body weight in goat cheese, but I wanted to acknowledge the passing of Vancouver’s answer to CBGB, Richard’s on Richards, which is gone as of today.

Ever since I moved to Vancouver, I heard rumours Richard’s was about to fall victim to the insatiable condo market, so it’s a bit ironic that as the market drops, Richard’s is being demolished to make way for development presumably nobody especially wants. But such is life. As a little mini-memorial, here are some of my favourite photos from my years of Richard’s concert-going. (You should probably also check out Allan Macinnis’s much more articulate thoughts on the matter.)

I’m moving!


Yes, after living at my beloved die Kommune for six years, on June 1st, I’m finally moving out on my own. I would also like to report that looking for an apartment in Vancouver? Not much fun. Trying to get an apartment you like in your first-choice of neighbourhood in Vancouver? Also less than entertaining.

But I did it! Kind of, almost! At least, as well as could be expected. My new pad is a ground-floor two-bedroom in a house just off Main and 23rd, an easy bus, bike or walk to work. The neighbourhood is one of Vancouver’s oldest, which really isn’t all that old, given that the town was a few saw mills and a train station a hundred years ago. The area has gone from working-class immigrant neighbourhood, to middle-class homeowner neighbourhood, to somewhat-trendy but mostly-inexpensive student/artist/designer neighbourhood of coffee shops and vintage clothing, while keeping characteristics of all of them. It’s the kind of place where you can have a trendy faux-grunge fusion restaurant across the street from a real-grunge circa-1972 Greek-Canadian diner, or have a bustling Vietnamese pho shop across from a DIY art space, and not notice the disconnect. In other words, it’s “Vancouver’s hip strip.” And hipster d-bag that I am, I’m quite happy to be relocating there, though I will surely miss living at the kommune.

in a gloomy woods

hikers in a gloomy woods, originally uploaded by Mister Wind-Up Bird.

Hiking the Baden-Powell trail through the decidedly murky rainforest of Vancouver’s North Shore.

The Templeton

Gillian at The Templeton, originally uploaded by Mister Wind-Up Bird.

The Templeton is a little diner on Granville St, wedged uncomfortably into a block of sex shops. It’s been running since 1934 and has lots of vintage diner touches, but the free wireless and video projector showing cartoons are probably more recent additions. It also has lots of greasy food and sour coffee and deep fried Mars bars. I dig it