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I must eat ninja food

Ninja-Cave-SnipOver izakaya last night, my lab mate Kenji told me about a restaurant in Tokyo. This isn’t just any restaurant, or even just any wacky Japanese restaurant. This is a ninja restaurant.

No, wait, it gets better (I know!). It’s located in a secret ninja cave. That’s right: a secret ninja cave restaurant. And you get served by ninjas. Trained, I’m assured, in the ancient art of shinobi table service. Also, I’m assuming the place is filled with exotic death-traps — these are fucking Japanese ninjas we’re talking about, gaijin. They know a hundred ways to kill you, and in a few of those ways, you don’t even know you’re dead until the bill is paid.

And if that’s not the coolest thing Japan has to offer, I don’t know what is. I hereby swear by my sensei‘s grave to one day dine at Ninja Akasaka.