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XKCD does the doodles I wish I was brilliant enough to do.

the AV Club strikes again

Uxm137 34-1So I spent a goodly chunk of this past weekend devouring The Uncanny X-Men Omnibus, a mammoth book collecting several years worth of the Claremont/Byrne run lent to me by labmate Mike. And while I’m enjoying the hell out of it, and the second half, in particular, it far better than almost anything else Marvel was doing at the time, I have to admit, it’s pretty stupid.

By one of them wacky coincidence thingees, the AV Club blog has a longish post about … well, I’m not exactly sure what the main thrust is, but it addresses a lot of the problems I have with both superhero and alternative — or, in the 21st century, “art” — comics. Worth a read if’n your into that kind of thing.

Bring me the Head of Charlie Brown

Bmthocb-SnipNote to aspiring YouTube auteurs who would take existing characters and put them into “hilariously” violent situations: if what you are doing is not at least as clever as Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown, you’re wasting your time.

This includes you, Robot Chicken.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the director is Jim Reardon, who later became a director on The Simpsons. I first saw this as a crappy third-gen VHS bootleg back in my filmschool days. By the looks up it, they’re still using the same tape.

Chester Brown’s Wonder Woman

At least as cool as Seth’s X-Men is this comic by Candian indie comic force Chester Brown, a redraw of a page from a 1942 Wonder Woman story. In typical Chester Brown style, it manages to somehow be both charming and unsettling. Like Seth’s drawing, it’s for a charity auction.

Link to full version

The X-Men as a circa-1965 School Photo


Old news, I know, but I really dig this picture of the X-Men by Canadian indie comicist Seth. If you haven’t read his graphic novel It’s a Good Life if You Don’t Weaken, you’re missing out on one of the best bits of Can-lit I’ve read lately.