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500 Internal Sulking Error

If you’ve been visiting the ol’ haikufactory lately, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of “500 Internal Server Error” messages popping up. This is being caused by PHP processes hanging. I’ve had no luck at all tracing the problem, but my suspicion is that a WordPress plugin is the cause, so I’ve turned them all off. If the error keep happening, then that wasn’t the problem. If that stops it, I’ll start reactivating things. In the meantime, my movie review archive is unavailable, and if you write a comment and don’t see it immediately, email me and I’ll make sure it gets posted.

Between you, me and the sidebar, though, I think this is just my blogging software acting out due to the fact that Facebook and Twitter have pretty much killed personal blogging. But can I write 500 word articles about mediocre movies to an audience of about five on Facebook and Twitter? No, I cannot. I’ve checked.