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colorsplashI haven’t had a chance to play with it much myself, but my good friend and former roommate Hendrik Kueck has an iPhone app, ColorSplash, which is tearing up the charts, reaching #4 (or higher?) on the overall paid apps list!

Frankly, I think this is awesome, not only because I like seeing my friends do well, but because the App Store is a perfect platform for harnessing this kind of talent. Hendrik’s spent the last decade-plus working with computer vision, graphics and photography applications, to the point where he has an awful lot of expertise. The Apple App Store, for all its faults, is an ideal venue for someone like him to simply develop an application people want and profit from it, without having to start a company or do marketing, or invest a lot of capital in a start-up, or do it as a salaried project at a larger company.

Between this, and the recent success of my other roommates’ game Osmosis, I’m certainly starting to feel like quite the underachiever!

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