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Mogwai at the Commodore

Mogwai at the Commodore, originally uploaded by Mister Wind-Up Bird.

Saw Mogwai last night, a band I’ve liked a lot since I first heard them on a Matador compilation in the mid-1990s. They put on a pretty good show, but as with their albums, it’s mindblowingly cool at first, and then you just kind of sit back and enjoy the post-rock rhythms for a while, and then you kind of get the point and end up turning on The Daily Show. So an hour into the set, I went home and did that.

Opening for them, though, was another band I like a lot, Fuck Buttons. I missed the beginning of the act, but what I saw fucking destroyed, to paraphrase Tyson referencing American Analog Set’s assessment of Explosions in the Sky.

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