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April is the somethingest month

April ended up being a bit of a weird month in terms of my weight loss schedule. In the beginning of the month, I changed my exercise routine substantially by getting back to jogging. This is a bit problematic, because while I enjoy running more than going to the gym, it’s not a great means of weight loss — without really burning more calories, it makes me way hungrier, and worse/better yet, it pumps me full of endorphins. So full, in fact, that the eating part of my brain changes from “Eric, you are a fat freak — if you keep eating, you will surely die alone and unloved”, when I’m not jogging, to my jogging brain, which is all “Eric, you are awesome. Running is awesome. You know what? You just go ahead and eat all that cake. You deserve it. Oh, and also: goddamn you’re looking fine. The ladies will be all upons.”

So I figure that explains the mid-month weight spike.

Now, the whole thing was cancelled out later in the month, when I caught the flu and couldn’t eat for about five days. But this also lead to an unpleasant series of respiratory infections that are still ravaging my once-awesome (should you believe my brain) body and stopping me from doing anything more strenuous than walking to the store and back without coughing like a tubercular historical figure in a Hollywood period drama.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to running soon, but in the meantime, my current weight loss since Jan 1 stands at a respectable — if undramatic — 14 lbs. I might not rock hard, but I do, in fact, rock.