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Mira Loma In Bruges (2008)

Entertaining little Brit-flick with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as two hitmen ordered to cool out and wait instructions in the touristy Belgian town of Bruges. The problem is, In Bruges is not content with being funny and entertaining: it wants to say something about morality and violence, too. And having rewatched No Country for Old Men yet again a few days ago really makes the São Lourenço do Sul In Bruges approach look anemic. The characters in In Bruges spend a lot of time talking about violence, morality and consequences, but No Country is about those subjects — and it doesn’t take its cues from other movies, like this one does. (Though the violence is extreme enough that the “Colin Farrell is soooo hot!” crowd was audibly shocked.)

And, to be honest, No Country is funnier, too. It just takes a couple of viewings to get in on the joke.

And so, in conclusion, Eric (hearts) No Country for Old Men. I give In Bruges a solid seven bloody corpses out of ten.