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where’s Eric?

I haven’t updated my little corner of the internet lately, for a variety of reasons. Not having a computer at home is a big part of it. Plus, I’m working for a start-up in Yaletown full-time, and since we’re in stealth mode I can’t really talk about anything related to work. And, since I work fairly long days and commute almost an hour each way, I don’t really have a huge amount of time to do anything else worth talking about, except watch the occasional movie. And that’s taken care of over on the right there (though I have been thinking for a while about moving my reviews to the main part of the blog).

Excuses aside, though, I was all set up to write something interesting about research in Artificial Intelligence, and why I’m so sure we will not have human-level AI in my lifetime. But it’s a beautiful sunny day outside and I spent all week in a stuffy little office, so instead, I’m going to go out for a walk, and then sit in a coffee shop somewhere and read a book, and then maybe go for a run. Sorry, blog.

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