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I’ve been plaqued!

awards.jpgSo I just found out that not only was our poster a finalist at the SIGGRAPH Student Research Competition, but we actually won FIRST PLACE! Which comes with a plaque and some cash! See what happens when you go to the awards ceremony at the wrong time and then get annoyed and leave because you assume you didn’t win anyway and there’s free booze somewhere else?

This is a really great (and really surprising!) award! SIGGRAPH is one of the most prestigious conferences in computer science, so winning the student research competition is quite an honour. And not one I ever expected to receive: to be honest, I was plenty pleased just to learn we made it to the finals. I never for a minute expected to win. And even though as first author and presenter, I get my name on the award, it belongs just as much to my co-authors Abhijeet Ghosh and Nando de Freitas.

(And yes, I’m aware how cliche that last paragraph sounds. There you have it.)

The prize money will get the three of us one fine, fine dinner at Tojo’s.