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Saturday of the Dead

zombiewalk2007-snip.jpgI posted about this before, but Vancouver Zombie Walk 2007 is now fast approaching! This Saturday, the 25th, at the Vancouver Art Gallery. 3PM.

I’m on this like maggots on an low-budget Italian zombie. It may well be the most awesome thing to hit Vancouver since Zombie Walk 2006.

Damned. You are newly dead. Perhaps by my bite or by something more natural — maybe something airborne. The how is not so much as important as the why. What matters is that YOU have been chosen. You are one of ours. One of us. The awakening sleep. The living dead. Vancouver zombies, I call upon you to unite. And to walk.

Birthed from the underground, our movement is slowly stumbling forward. Each year our numbers double and hundreds more Vancouverites fall in our wake. They are paying attention now, and they fear us. Aberrations — they call us freaks. Famished, we seek not fame, just brains. We are oh so hungry.

Damned! We are unorganized. We are organic. And yet, this summer we stand as one. On August 25th we will limp forward, mobilized as a solid rambling mob. In our torn clothing and with blood spilling from our open wounds we will take Vancouver’s West End by surprise. From the Vancouver Art Gallery we will march.

Spread the word, however you like. Bring your zombie friends.

On Saturday, August 25th we feed.