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on Bergman and Antonioni

So both Ingmar Bergman and Michaelangelo Antonioni have passed away. As is so often the case, The AV Club expresses my own feelings (and even experiences this time) better than I ever could.

When I was an 18-year-old Film student, I tried to force myself to appreciate the works of Antonioni and Bergman because they were clearly Great Works of Art. Their ponderousness and inscrutability was surely evidence of that, wasn’t it? Around the time I dropped out a couple of years later, though, I started to read Pauline Kael, and it was a revelation to find somebody vastly smarter, funnier, and more sophisticated than me… and who didn’t care for them either.

More recently I re-watched ivermectin (stromectol) where to buy Smiles Of A Summer Night and Vero Beach South Winter Light, and found a lot to admire, even though they still aren’t great favourites of mine. Maybe one day I’ll even understand why The Seventh Seal is regarded so highly.

Antonioni, though, I still think was a pretentious phony.