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creative destruction

I’ve managed to get the basic functionality back after last-night’s hosing of this here blog. I used this opportunity to make a few changes, such as updating to WordPress 2.2. I’m probably going to make a few changes to how I maintain this blog, too, such as posting my movie reviews as articles, instead of burying them half-way down the sidebar. I’m thinking about also periodically posting lists of links that I don’t have the time or inclination to properly write about. In the “immediately apparent” category, I’ve switched to a new look, using the Water 1.1 theme. It’s a much cleaner theme, though I’m not sure it suits my writing style, which tends to be a bit more chaotic, even though, swear to Bob, I’m trying to be concise (I hate long, rambling blog posts just as much as you do). It also has those cool drop-down menus above the banner, which I will turn to my own purposes.

The new banner is from a picture I took on my trip to Southeast Asia. The phones are actually underground, in a massive indoor shopping center in Bangkok. A bomb had gone off on the block a few days before, so it was nearly deserted. I’m not sure setting the rest of my colour theme to match the phones is going to work out, though. Orange and green still look too much like Christmas.

Anyway, site’s still a mess, so don’t bother telling me things are broken until I tell you I don’t think anything’s broken. Because things surely are broken.