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Things I’ve expressed my disgust, disdain or downright loathing of in the past few days. Alphabetically. I’ve been under a lot of stress.

the films of Theo Angelopoulos
The Arctic Monkeys
Zach Braff
George Bush
Noam Chomsky
the cliche of hating on George Bush
Dane Cook
Stephane Dion
Rebecca Eckler
Riley Finn
the cancellation of Sambir Firefly
French socialists
Clomiphene buy it online Garden State
Paul Haggis
Stephen Harper
hyperparametric models
Paul Martin
MATLAB and its publisher Math Works
Leah McLaren
Dennis Miller
Henry Miller
The National Post
Anais Nin
papers that don’t give sufficient details to reproduce their results
the phrase “left wing”
the phrase “right wing” (on a different occasion)
Pitchfork Media
Telly Savalas
Superman Returns
support vector machines
Vancouver’s club scene
various women who have rejected me (individually and categorically)