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the river of life flows by, placid and full of old leaves and some fish

CVI haven’t written in a while, mostly because nothing particularly worth telling y’all about has come up. Though at some point, I have to give some thought to whether I might follow my supervisor, Nando, when he goes to Montreal for his sabbatical this fall. A year in la belle province would be pretty cool, but moving to a new city is always such a huge pain in the ass. And plus, I do kinda really dig Vancouver.

The more immediate concern for me right now, though, is working on my PhD thesis proposal. This is a bit of a hoop-jumping exercise: I have to formally write up what I intend to do my thesis on and present it to a committee who will evaluate it and tell me if it’s acceptable or not. I was hoping to already be done by now, but these things have a tendency to take a lot longer that you expect. Frankly, I’d much rather be doing research than writing about the research I plan to do a year from now. On the plus side, once it’s done, I get to call myself a PhD candidate instead of a mere student.

But now… it’s the weekend! And that means it’s time for wild hedonism! I updated my CV! Wanna see?