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Wizard People, Dear Reader

Well, Nando and I managed to finish our paper for ICML late Friday night. No, not that ICML, this ICML.

I was mostly just glad to get it over with. I was working 14-hour days and getting progressively sicker — I’ve had the same cold for almost three weeks now, and it’s been attacking me in repeated waves of phlegm and exhaustion. I took the weekend off to recover.

During my recuperation, I watched Wizard People, Dear Reader. It a very funny alternate soundtrack for the first Harry Potter movie, put together by comic book artist Brad Neely. The idea is, you download the MP3s and listen to them while you watch the movie on DVD. Harry Potter becomes a demigod prone to fits of depression and alcoholism, the quiddich match becomes an epic battle described in mock-poetic hyperbole, and Alan Rickman becomes a woman. It’s kind of a cross between Mystery Science Theater 3000 and What’s Up, Tiger Lily, and a lot funnier than you’d expect.

You can view the first 20 minutes or so on YouTube (for now).

  • link>> to Wizard People web page