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Adventures in Asia, Part 6: Halong Bay, Vietnam

the Halong Bay experience
Halong Bay

The main reason we were in Hanoi in the first place was to see Halong Bay, a few hours away. The bay contains about 2000 limestone islands, which rise straight out of the water and are topped with lush vegetation. Only two of the islands have enough approachable surface area to be habitable, though a few of the smaller islands have little beaches backed by sheer vertical cliffs.

However, the entire bay is most definitely inhabited. Individual houseboats and even entire floating villages are moored between the islands, complete with shops and bored-looking dogs. It’s a really amazing place.

That said, I don’t have a whole lot of Halong Bay adventures to talk about. We took a two-day boat tour of the bay. At night we slept on the boat, and woke up next to a floating fishing village. (I don’t know that I’ve ever slept on a boat before. Guess I haven’t really lived.) We took the cheapo budget tour, which means the food was pretty basic (lots of rice and cabbage), but the people were interesting backpacker-types.

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