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across southeast asia in Chuck Taylors

I’m back!

Over the past month, I visited four countries — including two of the last five communist states — and got around by train, car, bus, subway, skytrain, longtail boat, speedboat, fishing boat, tuk-tuk, song thaew, car taxi, motorcycle taxi, jet, scary third-world propellor airplane, and foot. I ate dragonfruit and snowfish and lots of things that I didn’t know what they were. I slept in hammocks and thatched huts and a French colonial mansion and on a boat moored in a floating fishing village. I fell in love with Laos and cursed Vietnam. I shopped in candlelit tribal markets and ultratrendy Bangkok department stores and massive Japanese nerd malls. I was chased by wild dogs and meditated with Buddhist monks and made friends with the world’s cutest kids.

And now. Now. Now I am very tired, so I’m going to go to bed. But I’ll be posting pictures and tales of my adventures over the next week or two, so if that’s your cup of tea, you shan’t be disappointed. I wrote extensively in my travel journal and took lots of pictures, and my plan is to use those to post a few different articles about the places I saw and things I did, though it might be a couple of days before I get started (I have a lot of emails and sleep to get caught up on).