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was ein flugtag ist?

You know, my little handheld Canon ELPH might not be the best equipment on which to shoot zoomed-in videos of things falling into False Creek.

That’s pretty much the Flugtag experience. Watching things fall into False Creek from a couple hundred meters away. It was entertaining enough, but I’ll admit, walking through downtown after and running across groups of cute hipster zombie chicks returning from the Zombiewalk made me wish I’d done that instead.

Oh well, with any luck there will be a Zombiewalk 2007, and they might take a cue from the San Francisco Zombiewalk. There, they encouraged people to take the role of victims along the walk route — you wore a piece of duct tape on your shirt and zombies would attack you, slather you with blood and makeup, and you could join the ranks of the dead. Sounds a blast, it does. Plus, they invaded the Apple Store.