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zombies vs flying things

Zombiebus-SnipThis Saturday offers an embarrassment of cool, and I have a decision to make. On the one hand, there’s the Zombiewalk. Last year’s zombiewalk was stupendously cool. Marching down Main Street dressed as the walking undead, freaking people out… it was truly an unlife-affirming experience. I enjoyed every minute of it.

And now, Zombie Beach Party From Hell.

Zombiewalk 2006: Zombie Beach Party from Hell! will happen on Saturday, August 19, 2006 . . . still lots of time left to decompose properly.

Starting at 3pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Howe and Robson).

To combat zombie exhaustion the route will be shorter!
To combat zombie boredom the route will be different!

However, on the same day, at the same time (roughly) is the Red Bull Flugtag!

The first Flugtag took place in Austria in 1991. Since then, the dream of flying hand-made machines into unsuspecting bodies of water has spread like wildfire. From Ireland to San Francisco, inspired pilots have come out of the woodwork to construct their own outrageous craft. And while the flights have never been record-breaking, the pre-launch showmanship has always been unparalleled!

Normally I would gravitate toward the Zombiewalk, which not only involves zombies, which are near and dear to my heart, but in which you get to do an actual cool fun thing. The Flugtag, on the other hand, involves standing in what is sure to be a huge crowd, watching other people do a cool fun thing. However, I’ve done a zombiewalk, but I’ve never done a flugtag. And while the zombiewalk does seem to be going ahead, it seems to be a lot less publicized than last year’s, so I wonder if it will be quite as awesome.

I’m truly rent asunder.