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happy BC day people who aren’t me!

In addition to my new start-up job, I have quite a bit of work to do for a project I’m working on with the Vancouver Art Gallery. Which means that instead of playing in the sun like the rest of Vancouver this long weekend, I’m locked away with my PowerBook writing ActionScript code, a task that would be much less time-consuming if I knew ActionScript.

Still, as sorry for myself as I feel, I think the project will ultimately turn out pretty cool, and as criminally underpaid as I am for this (I get paid out of a grant that mostly goes to people who aren’t me), I will be getting enough money to take a trip this winter. I hear Thailand is lovely. So you can belay those tears of sympathy I’m sure are welling up. Plus, I just watched Shaun of the Dead and zombie movies make me happy.

Oh, and happy British Columbia Day. I have no idea if this commemorates anything other than the fact that our forty annual weeks of grey and rain compel us to make the most of the summer. I tried googling for more info, but when I searched for “BC day” I got distracted by this rather amusing bit of bear-vs-hoser news, and now it’s time for bed.

Bear lumbers into B.C. day care

VANCOUVER – The story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears leapt off the page for the children at a Port Moody, B.C., day-care centre when a young black bear ambled into their kitchen looking for some porridge.

The bear had earlier visited a home across the street, standing up on his hind legs to get at the hanging bird seed, destroying the feeder before nosing his way toward the ground-level sliding patio doors, said homeowner Judy Bartrim. “My nephew chased it away with a hockey stick,” she said.

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