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meet the new job, same as the old job. or possibly completely different Tomorrow I start working in the office of a startup down in Yaletown. I’ve been affiliated with the company for a couple of years now, and I’ll be going in to help out a bit with the Machine Learning parts of the operation. What exactly that operation is, you understand, I need to stay tantalizingly vague about, but rest assured, I may or may not be integral.

It’s just for a few weeks, but I think it’ll be pretty cool. Two of the people I’ll be working with, Mike and Reza, are from my lab. And I think it’ll be pretty cool to actually be downtown in an actual working office environment. I’ve done a bit of consulting-type work here and there since I started grad school, but it was always a matter of doing the work at home in-between my own research. This is a chance to get back to the regular software development grind that I rejected to go to grad school, but which I secretly sometimes miss.