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breaking the site was the easy part

Reconstruction of my blog proceeds apace. Turns out when I exported my old blog, I managed to delete all comments, a fair number of the pictures, and some behind-the-scenes details that you don’t care about. I do apologize to everyone whose comments were deleted — a lot of times they were better than the posts they were commenting on.

If it’s any consolation, everything you’ve ever put on the web since about 1999 exists right now in hundreds, perhaps thousands of databases and its permanent existence is as certain as anything any human being has ever written. Not only that, but thousands of people are working right now to make sure that it will all be stored, recovered, copied and properly attributed to you. Forever.

It’s possible this doesn’t make you feel any better, but in fact kind of depresses you. Rest assured, such feelings are a sign of your own impending obsolescence.

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