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South of the 45th

I’m in the town of Invercargill now, on the very southern tip of South Island, and it really does feel pretty far south. The evening are long and the weather is a chilly 13 degrees with a pounding five-minute rain storm approximately once an hour. I bought an oilskin cap with earflaps to keep out the cold and rain. People here really wear oilskin clothes on the street, and they greet you with a cheery “hiya!”

The Southern Scenic road from Dunedin to Invercargill is spectacular. The entire thing looks like a tourism ad for NZ, with sheep-covered hills, dramatic cliffs, and rocky beaches. Not to mention waterfalls and sea caves. Hopefully I’ll get a few pics up soon, but for now, I’ve managed to post some of my backlog of Australia, Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula on Flickr.

Australia pics

New Zealand pics