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In the Land of Sheep and Uruk-Hai

Okay, I’m just on a terminal in an Internet cafe, so no pictures yet, but believe you me, I have some good ones. New Zealand is just as gorgeous as they say. Pretty freaking idyllic, in fact. I’m almost getting used to having my breath taken away. The kiwis are funny and friendly, the weather is beautiful, and orc attacks are, at worst, infrequent.

I’m in the little city of Dunedin right now, which is a mixture of modern and Victorian architecture built on a series of hills leads to a cliff-edged peninsula of rolling sheep pastures and little towns that look like they’ve barely changed in sixty years or longer. I met up with Jan yesterday and we set out on the peninsula in our rental car, which we named Lurch en route. We visited a Victorian castle (Larnach Castle) and then went on a tour of the breeding grounds of the rare Yellow-Eyed Penguin. We even witnessed a sheep-vs-penguin battle for a little patch of grass they both just *had* to have.

The penguin won. Penguins rock.