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I Have Arrived!

This is going to have to be quick, since my battery is low and I don’t have an adaptor yet, but… after four planes, three countries, thirty-odd hours of travel and, let’s say, fifty wailing airplane babies, I made it to Canberra, where I went out for a walk, discovered the city seems to have been completely abandoned, came back to my apartment and promptly collapsed on the couch, only to wake up in my bed fourteen hours later. Which is now. Hello, the present!

Canberra looks nice. A hot, dry government town with a big artificial lake and parks everywhere. Kinda like Regina. Except, as I said, it’s completely abandoned. I went for a walk through campus and the environs and saw maybe six people. And almost all the stores were closed. On a Saturday afternoon. Kind of eerie.

Okay, more later, if I manage to find an open store to sell me a power adaptor to I can plug in my laptop.