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The Harvest God is Sacrificed to Appease the Spirits Within

The ancient celts supposedly believed that on Halloween, burial mounds would open up and spirits could cross back and forth from their world to ours. I like that a lot more than store-bought cartoon ghosts in the window, so this All Hallow’s Eve at die Kommune, we decided to paganize things up a bit with sacrificial pumpkins and stick men spirits all over the yard.

Not that it has anything to do with actual celtic belief, it’s just that I love the idea of Halloween’s primal, pagan undercurrent, and the dark, fall-inspired creativity of the holiday. Usually I get that out of my system with the Parade of Lost Souls, but since it was canceled this year, I had to do it all myself with zombie costumes and creepy yard decorations.

Link (via my flickr photostream). You can also check out my I (heart) Halloween photo set on flickr, which I suspect will get more pics added to it over the next day or two…

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