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This site is the place to find me if you’re looking, and occasionally a place for me to sound off on work, my life and travels, and my obsession with weird old movies.

Vietnam beach selfie.

  • My curriculum vitae.
    • I work at Tableau Software’s Vancouver office, where I am bringing Machine Learning to Tableau’s data visualization tools.
    • Before that, I was lucky enough to work at Pocket Pixels on the popular iOS photography apps Color Splash and Juxtaposer. I also worked on the Machine Learning parts of news recommender app Zite, which was acquired by Flipboard in 2014.

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  • My PhD thesis, code, and other publications. The subject of my PhD work is Bayesian optimization, with an emphasis on practical AI applications (computer vision, machine-aided animation tools, robotics, etc). I had the incredible fortune of having Nando de Freitas (now at Google DeepMind) as my thesis supervisor.
  • For the past few years I’ve been making something or other to sum up each year of my life and putting it online. Here’s what I did for 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011
  • I <3 movies. Partly because people sometimes ask, but mostly because I'm a huge dork who wants the world to love what I love as much as I do, I maintain a list of my favourite movies that you maybe not have seen.
  • My wife and I love to travel, mostly in Asia. In January 2014 we took a month-long trip to Vietnam. She was six months pregnant at the time. It was fine. Since then, our trips have been a bit more kid-friendly, just the occasional jaunt across the Pacific to visit relatives in Australia, you know?
  • My old blog. Remember when blogs were a thing and everybody had one and they were all a bit samey but also kind of personal and intimate? I miss that.

Twitter: @drwindupbird

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Recently (dec 2017)

Family in Australia. I suspect my lonely undergrad nights of staying up late playing video games may once again be upon us.

  • Game: Ultima VII: The Black Gate (PC, 1992; replay)
  • Comic: Saga.
  • Fiction: V T Nguyen, The Sympathizer
  • Non-Fiction: R Solnit, Men Explain Thing to Me
  • Podcast: Slow Burn: A Podcast About Watergate.
  • TV: The Good Place, season 2
  • Restaurant: Lโ€™Abattoir, 217 Carrall St
  • Drinks: cocktail bar @ Gotham Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar, 615 Seymour St
  • Coffee: The Federal Store, 2601 Quebec St
  • Last Great Movie: The Florida Project (dir S Baker, 2017)
  • Last Good Movie: Lady Bird (dir G Gerweg, 2017)