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I’m a Machine Learning researcher turned app developer in Vancouver, Canada. This site is the place to find me if you’re looking, and occasionally a place for me to sound off on work, my life and travels, and my obsession with weird old movies.

Just me and my bánh mì in Vietnam.

Twitter: @drwindupbird

Not so smug now.


JULY 2015. Working on my next app. Looking for interesting new projects. Chasing around an increasingly mobile Baby M in the summer heat.

  • Game: You Must Build a Boat (iOS)
  • Comic: G Morrison & T Daniel, Batman: R.I.P.
  • Fiction: J Darnielle, Wolf in White Van
  • Non-Fiction: J Ronson, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed
  • Album: Ellen Allien & Apparat, Orchestra of Bubbles
  • Podcast: You Must Remember This
  • Restaurant: Pho Xe Lua 24, 3346 Cambie St
  • Coffee: Prado Cafe, 100 W Hastings St
  • Last Great Movie: Mad Max: Fury Road (dir G Miller, 2015)
  • Last Good Movie: Safety Last! (dir F C Newmeyer & S Taylor, 1923)