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Monthly Archives: May 2009

just sayin’, is all


Ah, nothing like an attention-grabbing comic book stunt, is there? When I was slightly younger, my brothers and I would remake Archie comics by cutting and pasting word balloons from one story to another. The results made exactly as much sense, but were much, much funnier.

But right now, I just want to point out that Jughead’s expression goes far beyond “this shit is fucked up” to true heartbreak territory. So much for the theory that Juggie is just a misogynist with a fast metabolism and snappy fashion sense.

Also, speaking of Jughead’s hat: this is some awesome research right here.

In other news, I’ve just become a thirty-something professional who posts about Star Trek and Archie comics on the internet. And to think: none of my teachers ever thought I’d amount to anything.

Star Trek (2009)

trek02jpgFor a Trek movie, EminönĂ¼ Star Trek makes a pretty good aside Star Wars movie. It has lots of chases and shootouts and space battles. It has lame, obvious humour, winking callbacks to previous instalments, and meaningless blah-blah about “destiny”. Plus, cute alien sidekicks. All of which I kind of dug in the way I still dig, say, unpropitiously Return of the Jedi.

What it’s missing is the retarded-brilliant worldview of the original series. I never got into any of the later Trek series, but I watched the original series as a kid, and I’ve been rewatching it on DVD over the past year. Gene Roddenberry had a crystal-clear vision of future human society as the ultimate secular-humanist fantasy: a perfect multiracial (and ideologically homogeneous) science-based utopia, free from war and religion and prejudice — a universe where the space-babes are all sexually liberated and everybody is self-actualized up the yin-yang. The best episodes of the original series deal with what happens when our crew of altruists comes into conflict with beings and societies that don’t share their 1960s-liberal values. (The worst involve alien women stealing Spock’s brain.)

Now, I’m no advocate for sticking with the source material: if you’re going to do a remake/reboot/whatever, I’d rather see you pick and choose what to keep and put a new spin on things. But I’m slightly saddened that JJ Abrams felt he had to dumb down a 1960s TV show about a planet-hopping space-stud and his loyal buddies, just because it had a bunch of, you know: ideas. Case in point: the pure plot-device villain. Even the Gorn had a more interesting motivation than Eric Bana did.

All that said, though, Trek is a fun movie, and I really enjoyed seeing new actors doing their own takes on familiar characters. I liked the in-joke of Sulu’s “combat training” being fencing (and the payoff later). I’m glad Uhura finally had something to do other than answer the phone. And how awesome was it to see Simon Pegg as Scottie? If you’re dead set on making Scottie the comic relief, for God’s sake, you’ve gotta cast the Pegg.

look! change

The look the site has been sporting the past few weeks was never intended to be permanent, so I figured I’d best be demonstrating that fact by shaking things up. So I’m in the process of looking for a theme that I like, that works with the various site elements (like the movie reviews side bar), and that I can tweak to make my own reasonably easy. Until that’s all figured out, you can probably expect some broken-ness to various degrees around the ol’ haiku factory, and for that (and only that) I do apologize.

Currently up: Elegant Grunge, with a brand-new phones-in-Bangkok banner made out of my old phones-in-Bangkok banner. God bless whoever invented transparency and drop shadows. Where would hack designer wannabes like yours truly be without them?

David Lynch’s Goofy Movie

Apparently, there’s a whole subculture of amateur editors making David Lynch mashup parodies, but this is the only one I’ve seen that really captures what makes Lynch so damn creepy and effective (hint: it’s not backwards-talking weirdos and 1950s music).

trees like pink popcorn

trees like pink popcorn, originally uploaded by Mister Wind-Up Bird.

East 23rd Avenue at dusk, in cherry blossom season.